How to play mobile pokies

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How to play mobile pokies

With the development of technology, even the unthinkable segments of life have moved online and into small gadgets such as mobile phones. Therefore, today you can take photos, pay the bills, shop online, play games and do a huge number of things using only your mobile phone. Gambling lovers can also play their favorite casino games this way, without having to go to the casino. Online gambling has certainly changed the gambling world, and with mobile phones, the whole concept has changed even further.

One of the most popular casino games is certainly slots, or pokies. Land-based pokies machines have a century long history, and nowadays you can also play them online and over the phone. Many people who love pokies choose to play the game on the go, which has many advantages. It saves time, it is fun and it can serve as a pastime in different situations.

slots2If you want to play pokies on the mobile phone and have the chance of winning the real jackpot, there are several requirements. First of all, you need to register with an online casino of your choice. This means providing some of your personal data such as name, address, contact information and payment card details. After his, you will be able to access all the games this casino offers. Since pokies are a very popular casino game, you should be able to choose among dozens of variations.

mobile-pokie1Once you have registered, you can play pokies via your mobile device, and there are two ways of doing it. First, you can access the casino’s website through your phone’s browser, log in and play the games directly on the website. The second, more practical way is through mobile application. Popular online casinos offer mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows mobile devices, which you can download from their website. Once you download the app, you can log in and play pokies on your mobile device whenever you want. All you need now is Wi-Fi or mobile data transfer, and you can play pokies as if you were in front of the computer or at the land-based machine.

iphone_pokies_for_moneyIf you by any chance do not want to play pokies for real money, there are also plenty of apps you can use to play this casino game just for fun. There are hundreds of such games on Google and Apple Store, and even some online casinos have apps for playing pokies for free. You can choose the type of pokies you like best and download some of the app. You will usually have a certain amount of virtual coins you can spend and different ways to “earn” them again. If you want to play iPhone pokies, this is likely the only choice you have for now. Apple’s policy on gambling is very strict, so their devices do not support gambling apps which use real money. Still, if the casino’s website is not built in Flash, you can play pokies for real money using the mobile browser instead of downloading an app.

No matter the mobile device you have, you can use it to play pokies wherever you are, and whenever you want. And who knows, a fun pastime may even earn you big cash.

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